Service Management

Efficient processes and IT systems that guarantee the highest quality of service

Service Management

Service Management is all about organizations delivering high quality services so that they can build long-term relationships with their clients. But efficient systems are needed to manage these services. They enable companies to instantly respond to changing customer requirements and adjust the parameters of their offer. Of course, this is of the biggest importance to companies whose services are based on ICT.

Services tailored to market and customer needs

Service Management is all about conscious organization, effective processes and information systems that ensure the delivery of services tailored to the customer market. The supporting solutions are equally important:


Identification and/or reconstruction of the process experienced by the product or service user (customer journey)


Analysis of customer activity


Identification of the value delivered to the customer


Delivery of relevant services at different stages of the customer path

Guarantee of inspection and quality

Businesses should have a holistic approach to the services that they provide to customers. Effective and efficient IT systems that carry out these services increasingly determine a company’s competitiveness. 

We fully identify with such an approach, which is why we offer our clients solutions that guarantee a complete overview and control over the process of service management: from needs analysis through pricing, implementation and continuous optimization – all the way through to their secure completion.

Latest technology in the service of business

We continuously improve our solutions, adapting them to customer expectations and market requirements. We rely on industry standards like ITIL, as well as our own experience. We are constantly expanding the scope of tool control over process and service aspects.

In this area we use the following technology: inTrack, MicroFocus Service Manager, MicroFocus SMAX, IBM Control Desk, ServiceNow.

We love what we do! What really sets us apart is experience and deep knowledge of internal business processes. It enables us to create innovative products.