Asset Management 

Accelerate operations and ease the financial burden on the company

Asset Management 

Enterprise asset management involves the central management of assets throughout their full life cycle. This includes manufacturing, infrastructure, installation, transportation, real estate, IT equipment and intangible assets such as contracts, licenses, concessions, certificates and software.

The system records and handles processes related to gathering needs, generating purchases, maintenance and overhaul, as well as the withdrawal of resources and their disposal.

Enterprise Asset Management enables:

is all about detecting, inventorying and storing asset information, as well as tracking changes in asset technical parameters and compliance with standards and policies

The supporting solutions are equally important:


Managing resource-related work (including installation, maintenance, upkeep) from planning through task assignments, key tools and equipment and supervision to billing of work


Managing teams of employees, their authorizations, skills, and availability and workloads


Managing contracts related to resources (e.g. purchase, lease, rental, warranty, maintenance, framework, decommissioning contracts)


Control of all costs related to resources


Managing direct purchasing and inventory through optimization of warehouse and supply chain processes 


Oversight of environmental, compliance and safety initiatives

Better control of assets

Effective management of fixed assets drives operational activities and relieves the financial and organizational burden on the company.

Using robust IT solutions, an organization can oversee the life cycle of fixed assets and has immediate insight into both the current and past situation. Well-designed IT tools enable the planning, acquisition, monitoring, maintenance and disposal of assets, as well as their control throughout their lifecycle. Without them, real optimization of fixed asset utilization is currently unfeasible.

Recording the full life cycle of individual fixed asset elements allows you to automatically meet formal industry requirements of operating standards, minimizing the risk of errors and possible financial and administrative penalties.


Implementing Asset Management will provide you with:


Cost reduction and resource optimization


Increased investment efficiency 


Full transparency and control of resources


Support in making operational and strategic decisions


Fulfillment of formal and legal requirements

New technologies and proven standards

When implementing Asset Management solutions, we rely on recognized industry standards and knowledge gained through CSAM training and certification.

We use the following technologies: inTrack, MicroFocus AMX, IBM Maximo, IBM Control Desk, ServiceNow.

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