Public administration sector

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Digital transformation in the public sector

A modern, well-organized and citizen-centered public administration is the goal of every local government unit. The main needs of this sector include: good communication, smooth exchange of information, electronic document circulation, access to public information, data security and attention to sustainable development. In this era of digital transformation, citizens expect integrated services that meet their needs.

Public administration of the future

Technology can significantly contribute to efficiency and transparency in the operation of public administration entities. 

We recognize and understand the challenges of this sector, so our goal is to support sustainable development. We look at the public administration sector through the lens of technology and the tools we provide.

The solutions we offer to public offices and institutions are based on modern, international quality standards.

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Smart City 


Request handling/contact center for residents 


Management of the city’s infrastructure


Asset management


Accounting for utility consumption 


Monitoring and management of utilities 


Air quality monitoring

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